Scoutium is a technology company that provides a unique motivation for all players, clubs and federations around the world. Scoutium has ten thousands of analyses of football players from Germany, Poland and Turkey in its database. With tens of partner clubs, Scoutium is able to access hundreds of cities, towns, and villages in the countries with more than hundreds video experts and scouts. We aim to democratise football by opening up young players’ horizons and giving opportunities to players to be discovered.

With Scoutium, licensed football players can improve themselves with exclusively created overview videos, analyses from professional scouts, and special training programs, and can be discovered by clubs with regards to these videos & analyses. Football fans can earn money by recording 90-minute videos or making player analyses and have the chance to pursue a professional scouting career. Thanks to our technology, clubs can access to our database formed by match recordings and scouting analyses.

Until today, Scoutium has raised 3.2M$. With projects in Machine Learning and Data Science, Scoutium has become an ITU Teknokent company in 2018.

With the mission of enabling all players around the world to be discovered, Scoutium’s goal is to change the game forever. For more, please visit or download our app from Google Play & App Store.

Scoutium is looking for talented professionals to join the team. Please submit your resume and let us know how you can contribute to our vision!

About the Tech Lead Position

We are looking for a Tech Lead who will join our technology team to lead our team in every technology related issue. Our biggest expectation from the Tech Lead is following the newest technology and by integrating the new technologies helping the improvement of Scoutium.

Tech Lead Responsibilities are:

  • Leading the technology team
  • Giving guidance and motivation to the developers in the team to improve the system architecture and the project
  • Managing the workload of the development team
  • Reviewing the works of the team
  • Predicting the roots of the problems about the code and the product
  • Indroducing new technology and automations to drive a continuous improvement process

Tech Lead requirements are:

  • Having a Backend background (PHP and Laravel knowledge is plus)
  • Having enough knowhow to lead the technology team about both mobile and web related issues
  • Strong management skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities
  • Fluent in English